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Quality Mattresses - Affordably Priced


Our goal is to bring exceptional high-quality mattresses to the market at an extremely affordable price.  We offer complete transparency to the Made in the USA components used to produce our beds. We proudly share the complete build specifications which allows our customers to understand exactly what they are purchasing. You will not find complete transparency with all mattress manufactures.

Our factory partner keeps costs low by controlling overhead, spending ZERO dollars on marketing or advertising and by sharing operating expenses with a sister company. At amazing rest, we keep costs low by controlling inventory, offering mattresses to meet the needs of most customers and delivering product on our own fleet of trucks. We take pride in what we do and are happy to bring you amazing rest.


Why amazing rest?

Amazing Quality

Better components, better construction all made in the USA. We work hard every day to bring you the highest quality products. 

Amazing Value

Compare our mattress component details to other mattresses on the market. Then compare our price to begin to understand our value. 

Amazing Rest

We take pride in bringing you high quality affordable mattresses all designed to help you achieve amazing rest.   

Made in the USA

Our manufacturing facility is located in Two Rivers Wisconsin.  Our staff takes great pride in producing amazing quality mattresses.  

Locally Sourced Materials

Every single component in an amazing rest mattress is sourced in the United States. 

Bigger isn't always better

Our mattress lineup is simple on purpose. No confusion, simple options to meet the needs of most consumers.

amazing rest - How It's Made